Posted by on Nov 27, 2012

On Sunday 25th November 2012 I met up with Natalie Bell and three of the COSMIC Marathon runners for London 2013 and what an inspiration they are!


Craig, Cal and Duncan all have their individual reasons for running for COSMIC next year and I salute every one of them. They all coped extremely well with a very tough and challenging 7.5km run which included the very steep and long Primrose Hill. That hill definitely got our thighs burning and is not easy at all! The whole way round Regents Park and Primrose Hill we were chatting about past experiences and what they are all looking forward to on the big day next April. Craig is running the whole London Marathon with 20lbs of sand on his back, as if the marathon itself isn’t hard enough!!


I just wanted to say a big well done to all three of you. I know you’re all going to smash it along with the other COSMIC runners next year! Keep up the good work