Posted by on Apr 16, 2013

In September last year, I was approached by Natalie Cassidy’s agent to help her to lose a stone and drop a dress size in 6 weeks for a magazine article and photshoot.

I put Natalie on an intense training program, training up to 6 days per week as well as helping with her nutrition and how to “Eat Clean”.

Natalie got into this straight away and we were seeing amazing resluts from week one dropping weight and inches. We mixed up her training from in the park, my studio and the gym and did a number of different cardio and resistance workouts.

By the time the photoshoot came round Natalie had lost 1 stone 2lbs but most importantly, dropped TWO dress sizes from a size 14 to a 10. She looked amazing on the photoshoots (which you can still see on the internet) and has now gone on to share the knowledge she has got from Life Change Fitness and carry on training at her local gym with our program set up for her. As well as signing up for the BUPA 10k in May.

I wish Natalie all the best in pushing this new found interest in fitness and clean living and sharing this knowledge to her friends and family as well as in the media.