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I’m not an ‘exercise’ kind of person, but when I heard about Life Change Fitness, I thought I would give it a go as I’d always felt I’d be more motivated with a trainer on a one-to-one basis. I can honestly say it was fab value for money and really good fun! I got to try new things – Rob incorporated boxing exercises into my sessions, and he always made the effort to make things varied. Our sessions were really focused, so I always got the most out of each one, and even though I had to work harder than I ever have before, I always looked forward to working out and it never felt like a chore. I fell pregnant a short while ago, so I can’t undertake sessions the same way I did for the time being, but Life Change Fitness will be my first port of call once I’ve had my baby and I want to get in shape because I trust their methods and I like their approach. And in the meantime, they’ve offered me professional advice on how to exercise safely throughout my pregnancy which has proved invaluable. – Vicky Smith


I chose to work with a Personal Trainer as it fits in with my lifestyle so much better. I run my own consultancy business and committing to clubs and classes just doesn’t suit. After talking to a friend, they recommended working with Rob. I have worked with Personal Trainers before but my sessions with Rob were different. He listened to my personal goals and tailor made the sessions to my needs. They were fun, challenging and motivational and he knew just the right time to step up the intensity enabling me to move forward and see my progress. Rob made me feel valued and not just like another client. He kept me focussed by discussing and sending me health and well-being tips and gave me additional exercises to do outside of our sessions. Working with Rob has been great. He is motivating and enthusiastic and I particularly liked the fact that he was flexible enough to provide our sessions outside. The great thing about training with Rob is that his inspirational sessions have left me less stressed and more committed to my fitness level. He has helped me to focus, take action and make the necessary changes I needed in my lifestyle to achieve the results I wanted. – Sharon Lawton, Life Coach and Training Consultant


Rob is a motivating and fun PT, who made my training sessions enjoyable and something I looked forward to. He is vey encouraging and even through my protest of “I can’t do it” or “Errm, I think the weights a bit too heavy”, he somehow managed to make me do what he’d asked me to. Rob has rekindled my motivation to get the results I want. He is a supportive Personal Trainer who is focussed on you as an individual; he listens to what you want and helps you achieve your goals in a varied and personalised way. – Sam Seedhouse


Rob is an excellent Personal Trainer My weight loss is going well. He definitely gets you motivated, especially when you think you have nothing left to give! I have never enjoyed the gym or classes, but I actually look forward to my training sessions now. and I certainly have more energy than I have done for a long time. I would recommend Rob to anyone!! – Belynda Bayford


I really struggle with diet and fitness, joining the boot camp classes and having personal training has been the best decision I’ve made to get myself in shape. It’s amazing how quickly you see the results which give you a real boost to keep it going and have made me feel much better about myself. Rob is an excellent personal trainer who listens to your goals and treats you as an individual caring about your progress, he is always there for any questions and advice you need. I would highly recommend Rob to anyone! – Jodie Baker